THANKFood Project

Food loss is a world-wide issue that also exist in Japan. Many people are suffering from food shortage while enormous amount of edible food are being thrown away.

THANK Food Project's mission is to generate awareness around this issue and to help people revive their feeling of thankfulness for the food on the table every day. The project also strives to solve this major issue through everyone's compassion.

56th JAA Advertising Awards Magazine ad category Grand Prix

Lohas Design Awards 2017 'Koto' category Semi Grand Prize


The project is carrying out a variety of activities. Our past activities include opening a limited-time 'Ugly vegetables restaurant,' writing a serialized column 'THANK Food News' on 'SOTOKOTO' magazine, and issuing an enlightenment ad 'beautiful seasonal dish made of ugly vegetables', etc.



"Seasonal dishes made with UGLY vegetables"

Non-standard vegetables are discarded because they are bad-shaped or irregularly shaped. We made beautiful dishes using such vegetables and created a magazine ad. The design was done by Hironori Maeno, floral artist.



"THANK Food News"

Serialized column on "SOTOKOTO" magazine that introduces THANK Food's initiatives to address food loss issue. The column introduces the activities of people in various fields e.g. farmer, floral artist, film director, chef, NGO, trading company, internet retailer.



"UGLY vegetables restaurant"

A one-week, limited time restaurant that serves beautiful and delicious dishes made with ugly vegetables opened in Ginza. Many customers enjoyed non-standard vegetables with their eyes and tongue.


We used an 'ugly' white radish as our below-standard vegetable for analysis. When compared with an average white radish with a taste sensor, the 'ugly' white radish turned out to be sweeter and had a better balance with bitterness in the taste. Although the environment the vegetable is grown also have an impact on taste, this result proves that shape does not define whether the produce is above or below standard.

ugly white radish

Data provided by:AISSY Inc. (Official Web »)

UGLY vegetables


Hiroki Maeno, floral artist

Born on March, 26th, 1970 in Fukui prefecture, Japan.
Maeno began his career as a floral artist when he opened "Kasho Maeno's Flower Arrangement School" in September, 2006. Maeno is recently gaining popularity with his versatile technique unmatched by none and the scale of his work, providing flower arrangements for international summits such as APEC, major commercial facilities such as Tokyo Midtown, and even offering arrangements to Gokokuji Temple under his consistent theme of "flowers are human, humans are flowers." As a floral artist in the spotlight, Maeno is now involved in a wide range of work and attracting interest of the mass media too, being featured on TV shows such as NHK's "Top Runner" and TV Tokyo's "Solomon's Way."

KASHO MAENO Official Web »

Hiroki Maeno, floral artist


THANK Food Project is looking for partners; farmers, companies and individuals. If you are interested, please contact us. We are planning various activities related to non-standard vegetables and food loss issue.